Angel Garden at Virtua Voorhees

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The Angel Garden at Virtua Voorhees Hospital is a peaceful outdoor sanctuary for parents who have lost an infant or pregnancy. It is a unique and meaningful place to honor the life of an angel baby. A beautiful water wall features plaques engraved with the names of babies who have been honored. The memorial is surrounded by trees, flowers, and seating for visitors. A special angel statue overlooks the garden, always protecting the babies honored there.

A Memorial for Hope and Healing

When parents lose a baby at birth, the experience is simply indescribable. The thoughts and emotions that follow take parents on a long and winding path toward healing that, for some, never fully ends. Parents cope in their own personal ways, but for many, there is a common experience that can help to mend a broken heart – seeing their baby’s name written, somewhere other than on a still born certificate.

“I think it really gives validity that they had a life,” explains Ann Coyle, RNC, manager of Virtua’s Perinatal Bereavement Program. “The Angel Garden at Virtua Voorhees ensures parents have the opportunity to see their child’s name memorialized in a beautiful garden.”

The Angel Garden memorial is open to any family who has lost a child, even if they were not a patient at Virtua.

Inspired by Families, Supported by Donors

Through her work with families who have suffered the loss of an infant, Coyle was inspired to create an Angel Garden at Virtua. When Virtua Voorhees Hospital opened in 2011, she worked with local families to raise more than $20,000 to help establish this special memorial.

Gifts made to Virtua help to offset the costs of plaque installation and garden maintenance, and provide support to families who may lack the financial resources to purchase a plaque for their child.

Support for Parents Coping with Loss

Virtua’s Perinatal Bereavement and Palliative Care program supports families through pregnancy loss or an unexpected fetal diagnosis, and helps provide care for the difficult journey that follows.

For pregnancy or infant loss support, call 1-888-847-8823 or visit the link below.

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