Mobile Health and Cancer Screening Unit

Transforming Cancer Screenings for Our Neighbors in South Jersey

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Access to preventive screenings and health services remains a barrier for many men and women across the nation and in South Jersey. As a result, opportunities for detecting cancer and other chronic diseases early are often missed and left untreated. It is well established that early detection of cancer through routine screening improves survival.

In early 2023, Virtua Health plans to launch our own mobile unit to reduce health disparities and ensure our community members across Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties have access to life-saving cancer screenings. This new addition to our mobile health fleet will also allow us to improve access to comprehensive health care for at-risk populations as well as bolster prevention and chronic disease management.

Together, we can create a healthier tomorrow!

  • About the Mobile Health and Cancer Screening Unit

    The Mobile Health and Cancer Screening Unit will be a welcome addition to Virtua’s growing mobile health platform, which currently boasts a grocery store, farmers market, pediatric services, and mobile mammography screening services. Virtua’s current Mobile Mammography and Cancer Screening Unit has been highly impactful, providing free breast screenings to more than 900 women a year. We currently operate this program using a “fee for service” vehicle that is owned and operated by an outside vendor.

    By owning and operating our own mobile unit, we will be able to offer more free mammograms, and provide other cancer screenings to both women and men. Additionally, we will be able to deploy this multi-purpose vehicle to respond quickly to any urgent health need or crisis facing our community.

    The Mobile Health and Cancer Screening Unit will provide:

    • 3D mammography
    • Breast exams
    • Gynecologic exams
    • Pap tests
    • Colorectal screenings for men and women
    • Prostate exams

    Additional community health services provided will include communicable disease testing (such as COVID-19); vaccination drives; screenings for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension; general health education and prevention services; and rapid response to public health crises.

  • Our Supporters

    Virtua Health’s plans for a new Mobile Health and Cancer Screening Unit will only be possible with the support of generous philanthropic partners.

    The new vehicle will cost $1 million, including purchase of the vehicle, a 3D mammography system, exam room equipment, mobile health care technology, and a security system. Gifts from our philanthropic partners will help us purchase, maintain, and operate the vehicle, as well as ensure we have sufficient resources to reach all our community members in need.

    We are pleased to recognize Aetna Better Health of New Jersey as our Lead Founding Partner for their generous support of Virtua’s new Mobile Health and Cancer Screening Unit. We are also grateful to all of our generous donors who have already joined us to support this exciting initiative with a gift of $10,000 or more.

    Generous Donors

    Aegis Property Group
    Randolph B. Deger, MD
    Epic Systems Corporation
    Haines Family Foundation
    Ott’s Restaurants: Berlin • Washington Township • Medford
    Penn Medicine
    Surgical Care Affiliates
    Surgical Center of South Jersey
    TD Charitable Foundation
    Virtua Health Medical Staff South
    Elaine L. Waxman

    We hope you will consider joining us in this exciting venture, and help us save lives through early cancer detection!

Notes of Gratitude

“Your program is so important. You saved my life! Without the free screening, my cancer wouldn’t have been detected because I couldn’t afford the tests. Thank you!”

— Grateful Patient
Virtua’s Mobile Mammography Program (NJCEED)