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Your Gratitude Goes a Long Way

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Gratitude is not a small gesture…it is a meaningful, selfless expression from the heart. Honoring your caregivers by sharing your story or making a philanthropic gift can make a lasting impact.

Lasting Impact Virtua Health

Your thoughtfulness will mean the world to all of those at Virtua who have gone above and beyond for you or your loved one. And with your generosity, we will be able to put your gratitude into action by enhancing the programs and services that support our patients and the entire community…mind, body and spirit…for years to come.

Kindness is Contagious

Honor a Caregiver

Gifts of gratitude are a wonderful way for Virtua patients and families to express their thanks for outstanding care and the many “little things” that make such a difference. All gifts, no matter the size, make a tremendous difference in supporting our patients and community.

We invite you to share your gratitude by making a gift in honor of your Virtua caregiver or team. When you do, we’ll be sure to let them know and honor them on your behalf.

Make a Gift

From Sharing to Caring

Share Your Story

If you are especially thankful to a Virtua caregiver or team who has touched your life, we invite you to express your gratitude by emailing us at

When doing so, please be sure to specify where you received care and who provided it, that way we can be sure your care team sees your kind words!

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Attitude of Gratitude

Create Your Own Fundraiser

If you would like to set up your own fundraiser for a special event, birthday, or just because, you can create and customize your very own online giving page benefiting Virtua on JustGiving. Through JustGiving, you can connect to a range of Virtua initiatives, create your own fundraising goal, easily share your page with your friends and network on social media, and more.

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Gratitude Honorees 2023

  • Individuals

    Monica T. Agar, MD
    Frank Aldridge
    Seth Berk, MD
    Brijesh S. Bodiwala, DO
    Linda S. Brecher, DO
    Helen-Ann Brown Epstein, MLS, MS, AHIP-D, FMLA
    Mary Bucci, RN
    Nicole K. Bucciarelli
    Deborah A. Butzbach, MD
    Kevin J. Callahan, DO
    Omar A. Choudhri, MD
    Ret. Lt. Col. Glenda D. Clark, DL
    Kathleen Coakley, DO
    Joseph F. Conroy, RN
    Ann Coyle, RNC-NIC
    Randolph Deger, MD
    Sahil H. Dhru, DO
    Theresa M. DiSandro, DO
    Dennis Diven, RN
    Pietra Dunmore
    Debra Epstein, MD
    Tatum Fowles, RN
    Isaac J. Frazier
    William J. Furey, DO
    Sarvin Ghavam, MD
    Carla Giordano, RN
    Emily Gleimer, DO
    Priya Gor, MD
    William Harkisheimer
    Constance Hayes, RN
    Melanie Hones
    Martha A. Huff
    Lauren Jacob, RN
    Jhennylyne Jayme, RN
    Catherine S. Kim, MD
    David N. Kincel, DO
    Caroline Kircher
    Taylor Koester, RN
    Diane M. Krushinski
    Regina E. Ladner, RN
    Rachel Levenbach, MD
    Lisa Liner, MD and Eric Sztejman, MD
    Adrienne Lowe
    Irfan A. Malik, MD
    Joseph A. Marascio, MD
    Ryan C. McCormick, MD
    Corina P. Meade, APN
    Leslie Oleaga, MSN, CCRN, CPN
    Madison Parkhill, RN
    Lauren Plotnick, APN
    Trina A. Poretta, DO
    Dennis W. Pullin, FACHE
    Erwin Racimo
    Jitha Rai-Patel, MD
    Abbas Raza, DO
    Elizabeth Revesz, MD
    Naomi Riggs
    Christina J. Rios, APN
    Thomas S. Rominiecki, RN
    Caroline M. Ropiak, MD
    Lauren Rowinski, JD
    Stephanie L. Runner, RN
    Ana Victoria Sanchez
    April K. Schetler
    Rebecca Shannon, RN
    Darius P. Sholevar, MD
    Sarah Sivon, MBA
    Donna J. Smith, RN
    Randi S. Solden, RN, BS, OCN
    Stephen J. Tai, MD
    Smitha T. Thomas, APN
    Martin S. Topiel, MD
    Stephen G. Wallace, MD
    Meg Walsh
    Graeme R. Williams, MD

  • Teams

    Penn Medicine | Virtua Health Cancer Program Team
    Virtua Health IT Identity and Access Management Team
    Virtua Health Nurses
    Virtua Health Organ Transplantation Team
    Virtua Health Quality Improvement Specialist Team
    Virtua Marlton Hospital 3 South Team
    Virtua Marlton Hospital Nursing Staff
    Virtua Marlton Hospital Physicians
    Virtua Marlton Hospital Staff
    Virtua Mount Holly Hospital Behavioral Health Unit
    Virtua Mount Holly Hospital ECT Team
    Virtua Mount Holly Hospital Environmental Services Team
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Emergency Department Team
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Employees
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Intensive Care Unit Team
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Neurosurgery Team
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Post-Ambulatory Surgical Unit Team
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Progressive Care Unit Team
    Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Telemetry Unit Team
    Virtua Voorhees Hospital NICU Team